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Connaught Care is a collection of premium residential care facilities for the elderly which also serves those with dementia or other illnesses. These luxury care homes are located primarily in the southern region of the United Kingdom and are setting a new standard in service by providing unrivaled care in top-notch facilities.

the challenge

Connaught Care knew they wanted to automate their common spaces to elevate the experience in their homes. However, the team was skeptical regarding the amount of technology to implement as they wanted to avoid a complicated user experience for their residents. Creating an environment where residents could effortlessly enjoy music and control their own entertainment was a top priority.

the solution

To help determine the best path forward for this project, Connaught Care brought in integrator Modal AV, with whom they already had a relationship from previous projects. After evaluating the intended goal, Modal AV chose Crestron Home® OS to strike the balance of a reliable and robust system that would maintain optimum ease of use for residents and caretakers.

the technology

Each facility under Connaught Care has its own personality and style, but the structure of the homes remains the same, all offering somewhere between 80 and 120 bedrooms. The entrance into Connaught Care features an open layout with a bistro, lounges, and a reception area. Each floor includes a shared communal lounge space featuring a double-sided fireplace with a television above it. The Crestron Home platform provides a streamlined approach for adopting the same user interface for all Connaught Care locations. Crestron’s intuitive controls make it easy for residents to understand and control the technology as they please.

This premium care facility organizes different events and activities for its residents, such as themed days for holidays and group exercise classes. Connaught Care also provides a salon in each facility so that residents can feel pampered without needing to travel away from the facility. The vibrant characteristics shown via the wallpaper and furniture creates a welcoming environment for the residents and their families. The facility’s most popular feature is the cozy cinema, where they can relax and enjoy their favorite films. The cinema, powered by Crestron DM NAX® Audio-over-IP, offers residents a terrific space for entertainment and social gatherings. The projection screen with surround sound audio creates the ultimate movie experience and is complemented by a Crestron remote engraved with the residents' favorite programs.

This installation prioritized technological excellence and embodied a deep commitment to enhancing the residents’ and staff's emotional and social well-being. There are 16 zones of audio controlled by Crestron DM NAX technology, which residents can access through the five-inch Crestron touch screens or Horizon® keypads. Crestron DM NAX technology offers stable, scalable, and seamless audio streaming across multiple zones, as well as simplified maintenance. The residents can interact with the touch screens and keypads to play the music of their choice throughout the common areas.

Management of the system has been easy for the Connaught Care team as they can maintain individual control through the Crestron XiO Cloud® Management platform. Maintenance can be done remotely using Crestron XiO Cloud technology, which is a huge advantage when supporting multiple locations.

the results

The residents have embraced the technology and often create their own playlists for the common areas, using the solutions in a way that blends seamlessly with their daily activities. Connaught Care has recently opened several locations with more sites opening soon.