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The Challenge:

Terra Networks, the largest media company in Latin America needed large format LED display technology for the 11 lines of the Sao Paulo Metro Line 4 or Via Quatro as it’s commonly known, their newest and most advanced subway line. This ambitious project was heralded to be the largest digital out-of-home project in the world including every type of digital signage imaginable. The challenge they faced was creating an engaging visual experience for passengers while ensuring seamless integration within their facility design, all while keeping their total cost of ownership low. Large-format LED was to be the centerpiece of the project but traditional LED signage proved to be a costly, high maintenance, low-resolution option. Terra Networks needed something better.

The Solution:

NanoLumens designed, built, and delivered a complete large-format LED solution consisting of 10 different NanoLumens products ranging from NanoSlim to NanoFlex and a one-of-a-kind NanoLumens Design Specific Display. Terra selected NanoLumens for their project because of their ability to deliver displays that are ultra-slim and lightweight by design, energy efficient, lowmaintenance, can be configured to any size, shape, curvature or design and offer a stunning, seamless edge-to-edge picture quality to catch the eye of any passerby. NanoLumens is the only large-format LED display manufacturer in the world able to deliver these core characteristics to Terra Networks for their Metro Line 4 project.


NanoLumens displays are now installed and operational as the centerpiece of multiple stations along Sao Paulo’s yellow line, which is home to over a million passengers, a day, giving Terra networks millions of advertising impressions throughout the course of a passenger’s journey. The NanoLumens displays maintain Terra’s corporate eco-friendly efforts and uphold the quality and performance Terra networks demands as the market leading Media Company in Latin America.

Products Used:

Four 6mm NanoSlim 224’s , three 6mm NanoSlim 181’s , a one-of-a-kind 360 degree cylindrical 6mm NanoLumens Design Specific display, one 6mm NanoSlim 145, and one 6mm NanoFlex.