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As one of the country’s most prestigious institutions, The University of Kansas knew they needed a destination point for students determined to move business forward. To promote the spirit of innovation the school is so committed to, the administration understood that the new Capitol Federal Hall School of Business had to foster a higher level of collaboration between faculty, students, and visitors. The administration desired a space that could provide large open areas where all visitors to the building could serendipitously interact but in order to manufacture this kind of spontaneous networking, the building needed an anchor, a focal point that would immediately draw everyone’s attention.


The University of Kansas sees itself as a pillar of experiential learning, but to bolster that image in today’s rapidly evolving collegiate landscape, the institution knew their business school facility had to feature state-of-the-art technology. Unlike large corporations though, universities are not afforded much flexibility when it comes to long-term investments in technology, and administrators from the University of Kansas needed to have the utmost confidence in the adaptability and longevity of their purchase. The University faced another obstacle in that the building was designed to allow an incredible amount of natural light to flood through large glass windows. That eliminated the consideration of any type of projection system or traditional LCD video wall, and necessitated the type of technology that could outshine the sun and adjust its brightness based on the levels of ambient light.


After assessing the unique challenges presented by the University of Kansas, NanoLumens began the project by partnering with Gensler, the world’s leading collaborative design firm, GastingerWalker&, a full-service architecture firm, and The Sextant Group, a tech consulting firm. In order to most effectively cultivate the extemporaneous interactivity the University administration craved within Capitol Federal Hall, the atrium of the building needed a focal point that could attract attention even when flooded with natural light. This came in the form of a strategically placed coffee bar, but the team knew the presence of caffeine alone would not be enough to bring people together. They introduced the idea of large format displays into the design plan, and since the fine-pitch display needed to be bright enough to grab the attention of passersby even in full sunlight, the solution was clear, and the coffee bar was subsequently framed with two stunningly brilliant NanoLumens Engage Series™ displays. Both NanoLumens displays feature a 2.5MM pixel pitch that enables crystal clear viewing up close and from every viewing angl, critical in a building featuring large open spaces, while also hosting the ability to self-adjust brightness based on the surrounding levels of ambient light.


As Craig Park, Principal Consultant at The Sextant Group emphasized, “Although the lobby displays were not part of the original architectural concept, once NanoLumens solutions were selected, they became the centerpiece of the main atrium.” Today, the Engage SeriesTM display solutions play a critical role in providing daily business school, university, and national news updates for students, faculty and visitors. The displays are also used for special events hosted by the School of Business during the year. Park went on to say that, “In projects like this, there’s no looking back… Once a university commits to a solution, they’re making a longterm investment they have to know they can rely upon.” Fortunately for The University of Kansas, an additional advantage to the NanoLumens Engage SeriesTM displays is the ease with which they can be serviced. Protected by an industry leading six-year warranty that covers each display down to the individual pixel, the Engage SeriesTM displays are also fully front-serviceable, so any necessary maintenance can be conducted much more quickly and easily than other display technologies.


Utilizing the NanoLumens patented Engage SeriesTM technology, the University of Kansas unveiled 2.5mm pixel pitch displays that feature crystal clear viewing from every angle, and in bright daylight, measuring 30’ by 7.9’ and 15.75’ by 3.15’. The displays have a native screen resolution greater than HD, and will remain state-of-the-art for years to come.