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Colorado Library adds Absen LED

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Colorado Library adds Absen LED
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Kelver Library in Byers, Colorado, recently added Absen XD Series LED walls to further communicate with library patrons. Located an hour outside of Denver, Kelver library is part of the Arapahoe Libraries, which includes eight community libraries and serves more than 250,000 patrons in Arapahoe County, Colorado.

Library administrators recognized the need to communicate visually with visitors from outside their facility and decided to install a large video wall display mounted to the outside of their building. 

Administrators knew such an installation would need to withstand harsh year-round Colorado weather conditions, including high wind, dust, rain and snow. To be sure the installation would last, the District turned to Ford Audio-Video (Ford AV) because of their previous successes designing and building such rugged video outdoor applications. 

Ford AV and the library had to decide where and how they wanted to communicate with library-goers. “Administrators from the Library and the District were initially considering a projector paired with an inflatable projection screen,” says Brad Jones, Sr. Account Manager at Ford AV. “They decided they did not want the inconvenience of setting up and breaking down the equipment every time they wanted to host an event outside. That decision allowed Ford AV to select the current outside wall.

Once the video wall location and size were established, Ford AV selected the Absen XD4 Plus outdoor LED monitor for its all-weather protection, brightness, and physical size. Absen’s XD Plus series is an outdoor LED display that is used in outdoor digital signage, sports stadiums, billboards, transportation, and other outdoor messaging functions. The XD 4 Plus Ford AV installed has a pixel pitch of 4.4mm, a brightness of 5000 nits, and a refresh rate of 3840Hz. It also has a high contrast ratio and most importantly, is weather tested to withstand extreme temperatures as well as being waterproof. Ford AV used ten panels arranged in a 2X5 portrait configuration. 

Ford AV utilized Adaptive Technologies Group modular GridLink® wall mounting frames for Absens Video wall.  In this case, just three GridLink® frames (two of the VWD-2X2-XD frames and one VWD-1X2-XD) were required to build this 5 X 2 tile display. These fully adjustable all-stainless modular frames make for a super time-saving installation and very precise LED tile alignment

The new video display enhances the appearance of the front of the building and has resulted in a bright, professional video display delivering 24/7 content.