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Estate Development Inspires Billionaire Showhouse

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Estate Development Inspires Billionaire Showhouse
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Estate Development Inspires Billionaire Showhouse

Outfitted with luxurious amenities, 19 design teams collaborated to create the ICONIC HAUS, with intelligent control from a Crestron Home™ automation system.

Home to sweeping desert landscapes, renowned national parks, and the famed Grand Canyon, Arizona also offers quick access to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, and other major cities. The desirable location inspired the development of an expansive, 14-acre, mountain-view luxury property, Cameldale Estates. With four spacious bedrooms, a magnificent kitchen, an inground pool, and other flex spaces for work, exercise, and entertaining, Cameldale Estates perfectly suits the needs and expectations of the most demanding homebuyer. As construction progressed, the estates caught the attention of digital luxury lifestyle publication ICONIC LIFE Magazine. Publisher Renee Dee identified the project as the ultimate design opportunity. She conceptualized an ‘ICONIC HAUS’ that would bring together 19 design teams under one roof to transform one estate into a designer showhouse for a one-time event. The home was subsequently purchased and the system further enhanced to meet the requirements of the new homeowner.


While all Cameldale Estates properties are outfitted with a premium Crestron Home™ automation system, featuring lighting, temperature, and security control, ICONIC HAUS required even more sophisticated technology to serve as a showhouse. The technology needed to blend in unobtrusively with the intricate and modern design of the home, and be intuitive to operate and approachable for all guests.


The Crestron Home platform offered the perfect solution for ICONIC HAUS with its ability to easily integrate the various subsystems and technologies in the home, plus provide control via an intuitive user interface, adapted to keypads, touch screens, and mobile devices. Additionally, after reviewing the base automation package, the homeowner wanted to add more lighting control, audio and video distribution, motorized shading, a guest system, and more. With its sleek and innovative design, Crestron Home provides the homeowner with an uncompromised experience. Sculptures, plants, and artwork are complemented by programmed lighting scenes and a shading set to let in natural light, filter the hot Arizona sun, and provide privacy at night. Sweeping high ceilings of the modern structure feature unique lighting fixtures, and shades rise to reveal the pool and outdoor patio. With distributed audio and video via Crestron DM NVX® AV-over-IP technology, playing music in any room is as easy as one-touch. And news, sports, or movies can be broadcast to the bedroom, kitchen, or out by the pool.

The homeowner also had specific ideas for the “man cave,” which doubles as a guest house. When he’s not watching football on the two 85-inch TVs, the homeowner can control everything across the residence from the Crestron Home app running on his smartphone or iPad® tablet. While a guest is using the space, the Crestron HR-310 Handheld Remote is programmed to only allow command of the TVs, Apple TV® media extender, lights, and other sources in the rooms. For the homeowner’s privacy and even security, it does not grant guests access to the rest of the home’s system.

While most rooms invite the outdoors in with floor-to-ceiling windows, others in the interior of the house, such as bathrooms, are completely sheltered, offering no natural light. For these spaces, Crestron lighting control provides tunable scenes to support circadian rhythm. With just a tap on a stylish Crestron Horizon™ keypad, the homeowner can light the room for sunrise, daytime, sunset, and evening.


Crestron Home not only sped the entire installation process, but also provided the homeowner with an intuitive interface that he could easily tweak, personalize, and use to command hundreds of devices across the residence. All of the customizations he requested were delivered flawlessly – and with hallmark Crestron reliability. “ICONIC HAUS is about showcasing innovation in design and technology. The seamless capabilities of this fully-automated home enabled us to show guests the best of the best,” said Dee. “The control options were utterly unobtrusive to the design, and the Crestron Home system that the homebuyer chose added even more to the ICONIC HAUS experience.”