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Collaborate and Impress in the Office with NEC Display's Various Solutions

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Collaborate and Impress in the Office with NEC Display's Various Solutions
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When NEC Display Solutions set out to design its new headquarters, one of its goals was to showcase its spectrum of technologies specific to each industry it serves, including corporate. The result of this goal is the Briefing Center, a 6,000-square-foot showroom space divided into 10 dedicated staging areas, or vignettes, for each of its focus areas - with a space dedicated to three different types of environments within a corporate office.

The Corporate Vignette

NEC Display’s comprehensive catalog of products and solutions, as well as its extensive partner network, means that corporate customers can enjoy a wide range of technology that can be adapted for virtually any situation, and NEC’s set of corporate vignettes captures this perfectly. Comprising three different settings - large conference room, huddle room and lobby - the corporate vignette highlights a variety of technology and applications.

The Technologies

The V984Q is a 98-inch large-format display that lends itself well to viewing presentations or documents, or conducting video conferences with large groups of people and/or in large areas. The Peerless-AV mounting solution mounts the displays securely.

Elsewhere in the conference room, a Crestron control panel helps manage technology in the room, the whole briefing center and NEC’s entire office. In a neighboring small conference room, a PA803UL 4K laser installation projector is used to project onto Vela Dynamic System transparent film from Avery Dennison, showcasing how existing glass can be transformed into a new marketing or presentation showpiece. Attaching Vela film from Avery Dennison to the glass creates a surface that can be both opaque and transparent. Creative content is displayed on the opaque surface, with the PA803UL projector bringing to life a space that was underutilized, enhancing a marketing campaign or organization’s story.

A more intimate space, the huddle room is equipped with NEC Display’s 3720-INF2-55 InfinityBoard 55-inch ultra-high-definition display. This particular set up uses a Chief mounting solution, with additional in-glass touch technology from FlatFrog, speakers from SEAS and AI-powered cameras from Huddly driving the interactive collaborative features.

“Our collaboration solutions are designed with an easy-to-use, flexible and secure interface to the organization’s applications and meeting needs,” said Art Marshall, NEC Display Senior Product Manager, Solutions. “Besides showcasing the breadth of our collaboration solutions, we’re also showing how, alongside our ecosystem partners, we’re meeting the diverse needs of customers.”

In the lobby, a direct-view LED wall faces the main entrance, ready to wow visitors with its brightness, size and clarity. The wall is composed of NEC’s new kitted solution. The LED-FA019i2-165 is a 165-inch diagonal 1.9mm FHD wall that is easily configured and maintained. The wall gives NEC Display an opportunity to set the tone for any client or customer visit through a variety of content, including visual representatives of the company itself as well as relevant information for visitors.

Finally, the lobby direct-view LED also features an experiential software solution from Zuzor that invites passerby to interact directly with the video wall. Zuzor combines engaging content with the latest RealSense Technology from Intel to create an always-unique, real-time user experience. The powerful functionality in the Intel RealSense camera puts the viewer literally into the content by directly affecting the visuals by the audience’s placement and/or movement in front of the display. The video wall is enhanced with computing infrastructure from Intel as well as a mounting solution from Peerless-AV.

The NEC Display Difference

The corporate vignettes highlight NEC Display’s strongest competitive advantage - its adaptability. Regardless of the application, NEC Display has the technology to perfectly fit a project’s needs and constraints, delivering a complete solution. NEC Display’s vast partner network, and its extensive experience working with those partners to develop custom solutions, makes the company the most versatile display and collaboration solution provider available.