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Thirty-foot-long LED Video Wall Highlights CoStar Group's New Toronto Headquarters

CoStar Group serves the commercial property industry in the U.S., Canada and Europe by combining research, technology and marketing to connect the world's leading commercial real estate professionals to the data and insights to succeed. In Canada, CoStar Group recently opened an office in downtown Toronto that now acts as the company's Canada headquarters.

The new Toronto office expands CoStar Group's existing presence in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver, and serves as the go-to for Toronto-based investors, brokers, property owners and managers who need the granular information to make informed investment decisions quickly and confidently. In addition to acting as the base of operations for Canada, the new Toronto office incorporates a strong technology-driven focus, reflective of CoStar Group's overall strategy.

At the center of this focus is a 30-foot-long, 9-foot-high Planar DirectLight® X LED Video Wall System in a 20x7 configuration from Planar that is installed in the auditorium of the Toronto headquarters.

Engineered by LED video wall experts, Planar DirectLight X includes a 16:9 aspect ratio and precise pixel pitches to ensure every model achieves exact Full HD, 4K or 8K resolutions.

With the off-board Planar Video Controller, which provides source processing, windowing, control and monitoring of the video wall, Planar DirectLight X is the industry's first LED video wall solution to embed advanced video processing directly into the product. Planar DirectLight X supports a range of fine pixel pitches and includes industry-leading wall mount, full front service access and a mission-critical design for 24x7 reliability.

Making a splash in a new market

By integrating the expansive, Planar DirectLight video wall, CoStar Group brings a 'wow' factor to the Toronto office and demonstrates the company's commitment to making investments in state-of-the-art technologies, according to CoStar Group Managing Director Mark Ibbotson. "Launching into the Toronto market, our intent with this installation is to create a really memorable space, engage clients and reaffirm our position as a leader in technology," he said. "Our CEO, who was personally involved in selecting the video wall, wants to make a lasting impression on people visiting the office—he wants them to leave talking about the space."

A multifunctional canvas

In addition to acting as a centerpiece, the new Planar DirectLight X provides CoStar Group's Toronto office with a versatile, digital canvas offering multiple uses. "We actively employ the video wall to show graphics and videos that illustrate our company concept, our different brands and platforms, including how many people regularly use our products," Ibbotson said.

The office also uses the Planar DirectLight X video wall as a tool for videoconferencing, to conduct meetings, or to host sales presentations. "It's easy to connect an iPad or a laptop and display any kind of content we want," Ibbotson said. "Our sales teams are constantly booking the auditorium because of the sheer impact of giving a presentation on a 30-foot LED video wall. Our CEO is very impressed. He describes it as the best video wall he's ever seen."