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Sailing enthusiasts who are looking for kindred spirits in downtown Philadelphia know just where to go. ‘Misconduct’ is the name of a unique, historic sports bar which offers an authentic sailing theme and just the right conversation, great food, and over 40 different brands of beer for those who love to meet, relax and trade sailing stories.

The owners founded Misconduct to provide a special place for their clientele – but what they didn’t count on was the appearance of several other sports bars in their same downtown neighborhood. They needed a clear advantage to set Misconduct apart from their competition – and they found it in NetStreams™ Panorama™ High Definition Video Distribution and Control system.

As the owners evaluated different commercial audio/video systems, they focused on three key system requirements: the system had to deliver the highest quality audio/video available and it had to be exceptionally easy to use and install. Misconduct selected NetStreams’ Panorama Video Distribution and Control system. Here’s why:

Deliver the highest quality audio/video available

NetStreams Panorama features two connection modes – “cascade mode” and “mirror mode”. In the case of Misconduct, two Panorama PAN6400’s were connected in a mirror configuration to distribute both video and multi-channel audio. Sources installed included two HD cable top boxes, one DVD, and one Escient® Fireball FP-1 so that patrons can listen to their favorite music by simply popping in an iPOD in the Escient Fireball outfitted with a universal iPOD dock located on the back bar. Eight pairs of speakers make for exceptional audio at volume levels that are evenly distributed throughout the establishment. The result? System requirement #1 – delivering the very best quality audio / video – met by NetStreams.

Exceptionally easy to use

With so many changing shifts of bartenders and wait staff throughout business hours, having to pull out a user manual to operate the system wouldn’t be feasible. Since Misconduct houses eight TVs and four additional sources, the owners were concerned that the number of components alone could be confusing for staff members who are not audio / video experts. They needed a very easy to use, out-of-the box, plug and play solution. They got it with the NetStreams Panorama PAN6400.

Using an RTI K4 6.4-inch remote control interface configured with Panorama macros, the staff was able to easily select the source that should play on a particular display. Taking advantage of Panorama’s powerful macros required very little configuration – a key feature which allowed for simplified operation of the system. Therefore, System Requirement #2 – Ease of Use? Clearly met as NetStreams Panorama has proved to provide ‘no problem’ operation for Misconduct’s varied staff.

Easy to install

Finally, the owners required a system that would integrate seamlessly into their historic brick-walled sports bar. Chiseling out room for cables was not an option. Because of the building’s solid brick construction, the fewer cables, the better. The installation required only two days and rather than running the traditional six cables required for a matrix switch, the NetStreams Panorama only required two standard CAT5 cables (for audio and video switching capabilities) which were easily hidden. Less cables reduced labor expense and potential problems. The bottom line? System Requirement #3 – Ease of installation – met by NetStreams.

The owners of Misconduct have raised the bar on their competition by providing the highest quality Distributed Audio/Video solution available in NetStreams Panorama.